Guess The Item ( Minecraft 1.15 )

Guess The Item ( Minecraft 1.15 )

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Описание Guess The Item ( Minecraft 1.15 )

Guess the Item (minecraft edition) – Basically you have to guess the correct name of the items shown in the picture. It’s more fun than it sounds.
Simple Quiz for Minecraft gamers.

Mentions: — All items icons are just screenshots from the game and magnified, so that’s why they appear so pixelated.
— The game has original Minecraft sounds (for menu, letters, mistakes, etc.)
— The game will be updated very often and many new levels will be implemented (even those from newer versions of the game)
— If you find any bugs or mistakes on spelling please report them at the email address shown somewhere below.
— Any review helps and i’ll apreciate if you could write there suggestions or opinions about the game.

Thanks for playing and hope you’ll have a good time.

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